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Judah Friedlander got his “big break” when he was cast as slacker comedy writer Frank Rossitano on the NBC hit sitcom 30 Rock. But before that Friedlander had been a working standup for decades, acted in dozens of popular films and TV shows and taught the masses the secrets to becoming an undisputed World Champion in “How to Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional and Inspirational Karate Book.” Now Judah’s got a new cartoon book out, titled “If the Raindrops United,” filled with his uniquely subversive, thought-provoking and hilarious drawings.

In this wide-ranging interview with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, Friedlander talks about:

- What “if the raindrops united” means and its message for humanity
- His experiences getting cock-blocked by reverse anti-semitism
- Developing his “World Champion” persona and how its evolved over the years
- Which GOP presidential candidate stole his act, right down to the wardrobe choices
- How the marketing of “American Exceptionalism” and a “We’re #1” attitude keeps the US from addressing glaring societal flaws and shortcomings.
- Why American schooling is about keeping kids from learning to think for themselves
- Why too few people are able to view the world through the lens of anyone else’s experience

Buy Judah’s book: http://www.powells.com/book/if-the-ra...
Visit Judah online: www.judahfriedlander.com

Follow Judah on Twitter: @JudahFriedlander
Follow Cenk on Twitter: @CenkUygur

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Winning a leading role on the wildly successful Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show more than 20 years ago dramatically altered the trajectory of actor Walter Jones’ career.

In this wide-ranging interview with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, Jones talks about:
- His struggles growing up the child of a single mom in Detroit, including one incident at age four when he shot the middle finger off of his left hand.
- Donning costumes to work the theme park and cruise ship circuits while pursuing his big break.
- The challenges faced by black actors in Hollywood, and whether racism was involved in casting him as the “black” Power Ranger.
- Barely escaping being kidnapped while working on a horror film in Romania.
- Whether playing the black Power Ranger helped him score with the ladies.
- How even 20 years after leaving the show, he’s still highly sought after for autographs at Comic Cons across the globe.

Follow Walter on Twitter: @Walterejones
Follow Cenk on Twitter: @CenkUygur

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Growing up as the only child of legendary comedian George Carlin wasn’t all laughs and jocular exchanges of the “seven dirty words.” In her new memoir, “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up With George,” author, radio host and podcaster Kelly Carlin describes her tumultuous upbringing, awash in drugs, alcohol and screaming fights - but also with a great deal a lot of love and affection.

In this interview with satirist and radio host Jimmy Dore, Carlin pulls the curtain back on what most people don’t know - or understand - about her famous father, while sharing intimate details abour her struggles as the child of alcoholic/addict parents, her escape from an abusive marriage and the peace of mind she’s achieved by charting her own path to personal fulfillment.

Get a copy of “A Carlin Home Companion”: http://ow.ly/THrVR
Find out more about Kelly Carlin: http://thekellycarlinsite.com/

Follow Kelly Carlin on Twitter: @Kelly_Carlin
Follow Jimmy Dore on Twitter: @Jimmy_Dore

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Lawrence Lessig is running for president as a Democrat, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the first Democratic debate on CNN. Lessig’s solitary focus is on ending the corrosive, corrupting influence of money on the American political system, a position that may be too hot for the Democratic National Committee, which barred Lessig from the first Democratic debate on October 13th in Las Vegas.

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Chris Ryan is the author, along with his wife Cacilda Jetha, of the New York Times bestseller “Sex At Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships,” which advice columnist Dan Savage described as "the single most important book about human sexuality since Alfred Kinsey unleashed Sexual Behavior in the Human Male on the American public in 1948."

In this wide-ranging interview with The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian, Ryan discusses why sexual monogamy among humans is a very recent invention, the critical difference between intimacy and sex, why polyamorous relationships are often much healthier - with better communication and less jealousy - than traditional pair bonds, the primitive roots of the cuckolding fetish, and why it can be perfectly OK to say, “go ahead, fuck the nanny.”

To find out more about Chris Ryan, visit www.chrisryanphd.com
Buy Sex at Dawn: www.powells.com/biblio/1-9780061707810-2­0
Listen to Chris Ryan’s podcast, Tangentially Speaking: http://chrisryanphd.com/tangentially-...

Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisRyanPhD
Follow Ana on Twitter: @anakasparian

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Dave Spencer is a "Rockefeller Republican" in two senses: first, in that he believes the GOP should be more open to compromise, evidence-based and reasonable and second, because his great-great-grandfather was actually John D. Rockefeller.

Spencer suffered a life-threatening car accident at age 19, which cost him his right leg and full use of his right arm. Since then he's - Has an MBA from Stanford, worked as a volunteer motivational speaker for amputees and trauma victims, started BayKids, a nonprofit organization that serves children through self-empowerment programs in the greater San Francisco area and founded "Practically Republican."

Practically Republican’s stated objective is, "To engage, organize and motivate a new kind of GOP supporter; one who is fact and issue-oriented and invites conversation, respects differences of opinion, believes in compromise and puts sound policy before partisanship.”

In this interview, Spencer and The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur discuss:
- The demographic time bomb that threatens the future of the GOP
- Whether the Republican Party has lost its way
- If Ted Cruz is right about campaign finance reform
- Whether more socializing among congressional reps would lead to more compromise
- Which is more important to politicians - money or votes
And much more.

For more info on Practically Republican, visit www.practicallyrepublican or follow them on Twitter at @PracticallyGOP

Follow Cenk on Twitter: @CenkUygur

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Harvard Law Professor and longtime political activist Lawrence Lessig wants to win the presidency of the United States to accomplish one critical objective: ending the corrupting influence of money on politics. With that done, he says he’ll step down and let someone else take over the Oval Office. It’s a radical notion, the single-issue presidential candidacy, but as he points out, only a radical solution can wrest back control of our democracy from the monied interests who have steadily come to dominate American political life.

In this exclusive interview, Lessig and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur discuss:

- The Kickstarter campaign that will decide whether Lessig officially runs for president.
- Why, even if one of them were to become president, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have no hope of eliminating money from politics.
- Why the American people would get behind a one-issue candidacy to get money out of politics.
- Why the Democratic party is as guilty as Republicans for the current corrupt system.
- Whether Donald Trump’s candidacy is helpful or harmful to the cause of money in politics.
- The Three Prongs of Political Corruption that a Citizen Equality Act would deal with.
- Whether he would govern as president on other issues while trying to pass the Citizen Equality Act.
- How the fight against money in politics is the Civil Rights issue of our time, and that now is when the American people need to come together in shared sacrifice to take back democracy.

Find out more about Lawrence Lessig here: http://www.lessig.org
Donate to the Lawrence Lessig for President Kickstarter here: https://lessigforpresident.com
Follow him on Twitter: @Lessig

Help Cenk pass an amendment to get money out of politics: www.wolf-pac.com
Follow Cenk on Twitter: @CenkUygur

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The activist, blogger and DJ who goes by the name “Fumes” has built a large following on Twitter and Tumblr by voicing strong objection to white appropriation of African-American culture, calling out white privilege in all its forms and targeting the fashion industry for what she describes as “Columbusing, colonizing and exploiting” black culture for profit without acknowledging the centuries of suffering, discrimination and exploitation that helped inform black Americans’ unique cultural expressions.

In this exclusive TYTInterview, Fumes and The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian discuss:

- Their Twitter feud over “white feminism” that led to this interview
- What cultural appropriation looks like
- Allure Magazine’s celebration of Kylie Jenner’s cornrows
- The complicated history and expression of black hair
- Why everyone in American culture is encouraged to look “as European as possible.”
- Whether calling out celebrities for appropriating black culture is acceptable
- Why Rachel Doleful has no right to pretend to be black
- The #BlackLivesMatter movement activists who disrupted Bernie Sanders’ rallies
- White feminism as a subset of white privilege
- Why white - and black - feminists need to understand and celebrate “intersectionality.”

Follow Fumes on Twitter: @WlZKHALlFA
Follow Ana on Twitter: @Ana Kasparian

Check out Fumes’ Tumblr at http://brwn-grl.tumblr.com/

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On April 15, 2015, 61-year-old rural mail carrier Doug Hughes grabbed headlines after flying his one-man gyrocopter from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Washington DC and touching down on the west lawn of the Capitol building, bringing with him 535 letters - one for each member of Congress to draw attention to the pressing need for campaign finance reform.

In this interview with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, Hughes talks about:

- How he came up with the idea for his historic flight
- Whether he was concerned about being shot out of the air
- How politicians, the moneyed interests and the mainstream media all conspire to perpetuate a corrupt system
- How the right and left can come together to battle corporate cronyism and government corruption
- The felony and misdemeanor charges against him and the upcoming trial that could send him away for X years in prison
- How crony capitalism and a corrupt Congress are intentionally driving the US Postal Service into bankruptcy
- The next stunt he’s planning to shake Americans out of their complacency about the need to get money out of politics and restore democracy.

Want to support Douglas Hughes in his crusade to get money out of politics?

- Follow him on Twitter: @DougHughesDCfly
- Provide him with financial support on his GoFundMe page here: http://www.gofundme.com/sn8gc2s
- Learn more about Douglas Hughes and the battle to get money out of politics here: http://thedemocracyclub.org

He also has a nationwide action planned to coincide with his trial during which he hopes to have volunteers 'out' retired local congressional representatives who are now earning millions as lobbyists. The goal: tie the local 'scandal' to the national story and the trial which is the story of the day. Reach out to Doug on Twitter if you want to participate.

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One of the earliest digital entrepreneurs, Drew Curtis built Fark.com into a hugely popular news aggregation site to rival Huffington Post, Drudge Report and Yahoo. Now he’s set his sights on a new challenge: an upstart independent campaign for governor of Kentucky, running on a platform of getting money out of politics, data-driven policy making and adopting best practices from other states’ experiences. Does he really have a chance?

In this interview, Curtis and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur discuss:

- What, exactly, “Fark” means anyway
- How idiotic non-news has come to dominate the mainstream news media
- Whether the electorate is primed for a candidate who’s not about “business as usual”
- Massive government corruption that’s hidden in plain sight
- Can a gubernatorial candidate win by admitting that his/her state is not number one?
- How fact-and-data-based governance would function
- Curtis’ chances of breaking up the two-party duopoly in Kentucky and across the country

Check out the Drew Curtis for Governor campaign online at www.drewcurtis.com

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