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In this latest terrific interview, hilarious and incisive political comedian Jimmy Dore (http://twitter.com/jimmy_dore) sits down with The Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur (http://twitter.com/cenkuygur) to discuss politics, the media and how corporations have seized control of them both - all of which Jimmy also covers in his new book, "Your Country Is Just Not That Into You: How the Media, Wall Street, and Both Political Parties Keep on Screwing You - Even After You've Moved on."

Along the way the two also discuss Jimmy's Chicago upbringing and why, as the 12th of 12 kids in an Irish Catholic family, he was eminently disposable, how ABC newscaster Brian Williams can be a terrific guy and still be a huge part of what's destroying the country, and why on earth someone making $50,000 a year would ever care about the estate tax.

Buy Jimmy's book!

Amazon link: http://ow.ly/AdJBS
Powell's link: http://ow.ly/AdJIs

Visit his website! http://www.jimmydorecomedy.com

Follow him on Twitter! http://twitter.com/jimmy_dore

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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan show. They discussed critics of Assange, the treatment of Private Bradley Manning and more.

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David DeGraw is considered to be one of the founders of the 99% Movement in 2011, which became the Occupy Wall Street movement. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, interviews David DeGraw about the history of the Occupy, the limited information conveyed by the mainstream media, and the underlying economic conditions in the United States that fueled the movement.



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Brian Aubert is the lead singer for Silversun Pickups, the huge alternative band that tours the world, but started in the artistic Los Angeles neighborhood of Silverlake. There is startlingly little information about Brian available online, but he speaks to Ana Kasparian about the origins of Silversun Pickups, band members, touching and personal lyrics he's written, his voice, his love of What the Flick, and much more. What was it like when the Mitt Romney 2012 presidential campaign co-opted Silversun Pickups' "Panic Switch" without the band's permission? Have Brian and the band become more political from that point? What went into the new single, "Cannibal?"

Brian Aubert and Ana Kasparian discuss all this and more, here on TYT Interviews!

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Meghan McCain joins Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian to talk about her life and her new show "Raising MCCain" on Pivot TV. The new docu-talk series follows Meghan McCain on the road talking to unexpected experts, regular people and members of her generation. Ana Kasparian appeared as a two-time guest host.

What is it like to be the daughter of John McCain? How was it shooting Raising McCain and how what was pre-emptive press coverage on the feminism episode like? What other topics for the millennial generation will Raising McCain cover?

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Dr. Christopher Ryan is the writer of Sex at Dawn, a definitive book on human sexuality in the modern age, but also way back in our past. Is monogamy natural, or does promiscuity come easier to us? Where did our modern ways of sex, grouping, child-rearing, and social structuring come from, and how did ancient humans mitigate the same topics? How have penises and vaginas evolved over time? Christopher Ryan discusses our prehistoric sexual history and how we've evolved and changed into the modern era.

Christopher Ryan is also a regular contributor to Psychology Today and runs the podcast, Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan. Before writing Sex at Dawn with his wife, Ryan travelled the world teaching English to prostitutes in Bangkok and self-defense (Kung Fu) to land-reform activists in Mexico.

Follow Christopher Ryan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisRyanPhD
Visit: http://chrisryanphd.com/

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Jody Armour, Professor of Law at USC and author of "Negrophobia and Reasonable Racism" and "Nigger Lover: Luck, Law, and Language in the Social Construction of Niggas" sits down for an in-depth interview with Cenk Uygur.

Professor Armour treads potentially controversial territory, including hard realities of race, social class, crime, and more. Are hope and opportunity enough to get kids from the lower class into better opportunities and higher education? What is the American dream? Is there stratification within black America?

What is a "good negro" and a "bad negro?" Where does Obama fit in?

Professor Jody Armour and Cenk Uygur discuss it all in this full interview on TYT Interviews

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Thaddeus Russell is the author of A Renegade History of the United States. He takes a brash, maybe even borderline blasphemous look at the American bourgeoisie and puritans of the past. How did weekends come to be, and how did the mafia, brothel madams, minorities, homosexuals, and others considered "deviant" by the ruling puritanical culture help shape the nation? And is it possible to criticize the suffrage movement and even Martin Luther King Jr.?! Cenk Uygur hashes it all out in this probing interview with Thaddeus Russell.

Follow Thaddeus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThaddeusRussell

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Rob Delaney (http://www.twitter.com/robdelaney) Comedian, Actor, Author and The Funniest Guy on Twitter joins Cenk Uygur (http://www.twitter.com/cenkuygur) host of The Young Turks to discuss Rob's new book 'Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.'

Buy the book here: http://amzn.to/JpzcF7

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Jesse Bering is the author of such books as "Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? And Other Reflections on Being Human" and "Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us." He's also written for Scientific American, Slate, Das Magazin (Switzerland), New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The New Republic, and has been featured on NPR, the BBC, Playboy Radio.

Bering talks to Cenk Uygur about penis evolution, human sexuality, homophobia, "natural" sex, and more on TYT Interviews

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Lindsay Moran wanted to be a spy even when she was a child, and later became a CIA operative after stints at Harvard University and living in Bulgaria. But after a while, it became clear that the agency is not what she expected. She is the author of, "Blowing my Cover: My Life as a Spy," of which she's said, "It's not a threat to write a book about a dysfunctional intelligence organization. It's a threat to have a dysfunctional intelligence organization, and that was my ultimate conclusion."

What happened in Lindsay Moran's life as a CIA operative? What did she do, and what did she think of it? She speaks out to Cenk Uygur here on TYT Interviews

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Malcolm Fleschner (Executive Producer for The Point) interviews Dr. Carl Hart (Professor of Psychiatry and psychology at Columbia University) on his new book, "High Price." The book challenges what our perception of drugs, and whether it's actually appropriate to blame poverty and societal ills on addiction.

Are current drug policies failing? According to Dr. Hart's book, yes. He explains why with his landmark, yet controversial studies of race, poverty,, and drugs as well as the relationship between drugs and pleasure, choice, and motivation, both in the brain and in society. Hart relates his own story that started in a tough Miami neighborhood and resulted in a career as a neuroscientist and Columbia University's first tenured African American professor in the sciences.

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This is the complete interview of legendary pornstar, Nina Hartley on her incredible, extremely unconventional life. On top of a stellar career in adult film, Nina is a pioneer in sex-positive feminism, an author, and an activist. She sits down with Cenk Uygur to discuss he upbringing as a hybrid Buddhist/Atheist, her revelations as a nurse, her start in porn, her surprising sex life with her husband, and more.

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Immortal Technique is a rapper and political activist who also produced a documentary film entitled The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique. In this interview he talks about his life from his birth in Peru to his start in rap and hip-hop culture while growing up in Harlem. While covering biographical details, the interview with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks touches on the issues of poverty, freedom of speech, exploitation of women, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen, drone strikes and political corruption.

His website is http://www.viperrecords.com/ and you can follow him on Twitter @immortaltech.

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Joe Rogan joins Ana Kasparian to discuss everything from his podcast, politics, comedy, Carlos Mencia, Robin Williams, and much more.

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George Takei is known for his groundbreaking role at Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek: The Original Series. He tells Ana Kasparian about his childhood in a Japanese internment camp, marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for civil rights, being gay in Hollywood, and how his unique experiences helped form his career as a political activist. What was the breaking point that emboldened George to come out of the closet? What did the marginalization of Japanese Americans teach him about the plight of all Americans? George Takei explains all this and more in this special interview.

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Mark Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazinea and is the author of This Town, a book decrying the suck-up relationship between beltway media and the government, and that sick relationship is harming the American people. Washington insiders often get the exclusive after treating the elected officials as well as other insiders with kid gloves, without challenging or questioning the system or their roles in it. But doesn't this kill the point of journalism as the Fourth Estate? Cenk Uygur interviews Mark Leibovich about standing up, going against the grain of cronyism, and more.

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Katie Klabusich is an activist fighting for women's reproductive rights, defending bodily autonomy and to keep abortions legal. Not only does she fight for reproductive rights on the legislative level, she also helps women seeking abortions break through intimidating protest lines and misleading pregnancy crisis centers outside of clinics.

Why did abortion become such a huge part of conservative politicians' agendas, and why is the public safety element all but forgotten? How are health rights and free speech rights mitigated?Ana Kasparian discusses all this and more in this in-depth interview with Katie Klabusich.

More on Katie: http://katiespeak.com/

On Twitter:



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We the people have the power to removed the influence of money from politics and the power to remove corporate personhood. Wolf-PAC is the super PAC started by Cenk Uygur to fight for a 28th Amendment for campaign finance reform, to return democracy to the people. But how do we remove the corrupting power of money from the corrupt members of Congress? There is a way, believe it or not, to unite over party lines to correct the Congress that sold the people out. Wolf-PAC makes headway with state representatives, and Mike Monetta is the Director of Organizing for the movement. Think the fight is impossible? Cenk Uygur sits down with Mike Monetta to show the world that it isn't.

TO HELP, volunteer, donate any amount, or read more: http://www.wolf-pac.com/

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Zephyr Teachout an Associate Professor of Law at Fordham University and she is also running an upstart campaign for the 2014 Democratic Party nomination for Governor of New York against incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo. Teachout wants to stop unchecked corporate power and donations. Teachout is famous for founding A New Way Forward- an organization built to break up the power of big banks, for being involved in Occupy Wall Street, and for being a major scholar of campaign-finance law.

She feels New York needs a true progressive governor, and that the Time Warner and Comcast merger needs to be stopped as it's not in the true interest of New Yorkers, nor do other corporate consolidation of powers help anyone except corporations themselves. But how can she hope to overcome Cuomo, who has much more funding power behind him and is actively trying to keep her off the ballots?

Cenk Uygur talks to Zephyr Teachout about her ideas for true progressivism and de-powering the reach of corporations, her struggles against Governor Cuomo, and the fight to get money out of politics

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Dave Pounder has appeared in over 100 adult films, and he's the author of "Obscene Thoughts: A Pornographer's Perspective on Sex, Love, and Dating" and the creator of the documentary, " Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry." He's made somewhat unusual choices in adult movies he's appeared in; for example, he won't appear in sex scenes that are degrading to women or film anal sex scenes. But on top of that, he's got a message-- porn is a sociopolitical statement. How is that? And how can negative feelings and stereotypes about sex be lifted? And is monogamy a lie-- both emotionally and biologically? How do men and women react differently to infidelity?

Cenk Uygur discusses it all and much more in this fascinating, in-depth interview with Dave Pounder here on TYT Interviews.

More on Dave Pounder: www.davepounder.com/

More on Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry: http://riskybusinessthemovie.com/

More on Obscene Thoughts: A Pornographer's Perspective on Sex, Love, and Dating: http://www.amazon.com/Obscene-Thought...

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