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Todd Stiefel is the found and president of Stiefel Free Thought Foundation, one of the leading atheist groups in the country.

He says he was born an atheist (as we all are) and grew up devoutly Catholic. Only later did he realize the practices and mantras he learned at religious camps were simillar to practices used in brainwashing. He says his group's goal is not to convert the religious over to atheism, but to prevent people from becoming fundamentalist.

According to Stiefel, atheists have an uphill battle in the quest for public acceptance, but it is doable. He says atheists need to gain respect from the religious and show that they have morality and also show how most religious people have more in common with atheists than they do with fundamentalists.

He says the model for the atheist movement should be the LGBT community - need to come out, organize, and get financial support. Stiefel says freethinking has to replace other things religions have to offer - social connection, charity, and more. Can that be achieved?

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